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Who benefits?


Individuals and couples who are:

  • Looking for support and understanding during stressful and challenging life situations such as intense school or work pressures, divorce, infertility, special demands parenting, job loss, chronic illness, caregiving aging family members, retirement and bereavement

  • Coping with, anxiety, depression, postpartum depression, ADHD, ASD, relationship difficulties, eating disorders and addictions 

  • Addressing low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, blocked creativity, social anxiety, and feelings of guilt and shame

  • Dealing with physical illness where they sense emotional antecedents (migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, muscle pain and tension, back pain, high blood pressure, etc.)

  • Coming to terms with traumatic experiences such as emotional, physical or sexual abuse, early loss (including adoption) or childhood neglect, and painful family relationships

  • Searching for deeper meaning and purpose in order to enjoy a more satisfying life


"The main thrust of therapy
is to help a person stop struggling
against himself."

Alexander Lowen, M.D.
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