About Integral Healing therapy  

Integral Healing Therapy brings together three healing modalities: client-centred counseling ("talk therapy"); somatic therapy; and energy healing.

Client-Centred counseling 

As your therapist I will listen and seek to understand your unique perspective on matters that concern you.  I will welcome whatever you bring into a session with non-judgement, and a guarantee of complete confidentiality.  In this secure context, clients learn to accept and understand themselves more fully.  In this process, you will come closer to knowing your own best path forward through the obstacles, loss or crises you face.  

Client-led counseling is about uncovering one’s own truth, and one’s own best path forward. It is not prescriptive. The evolving process helps shine light into the dark corners of the psyche, giving us insights into how and why we may be “stuck” or suffering, and hints toward new ways of living, feeling and letting ourselves “be”. In the context of the client-counselor relationship, you don’t visit those dark corners alone.

"Bioenergetic" or Somatic therapy
Somatic therapy brings the body explicitly into the therapeutic process. When words and memory fail, forget, mask or contradict our actual lived experience, the body has faithfully recorded our wounds, losses and early adaptations.  Some of these compensations are now the source of our pain, and the unconscious drive behind harmful, limiting patterns of behavior. By attending to the language of our bodies we gradually wake up to more of ourselves. New possibilities for our lives begin to emerge.

Bioenergetic work can include self-observation techniques (mindfulness), and gentle somatic interventions to gain a greater feeling of centre, ground, freedom or openness. Specific physical exercises further increase our awareness of unconscious emotional material, help discharge blocked emotions and lead to greater self-expression. By including the body in our efforts to understand a whole person, somatic approaches can help clients recognize, reframe and render meaningful a wide range of physical, emotional, and psychological symptoms.


Because body work is employed in the context of client-led therapy, the process is always guided and paced by the client’s own readiness. As your counselor I walk alongside you on this sometimes difficult, but ultimately freeing path toward forgotten or disavowed parts of yourself.

"No matter what happens on the periphery of a person, the centre of right energy strives again and again
to re-establish the processes of life." 
John Pierrakos, M.D., Core Energetics

Energy Healing therapy

Inspired by the work of psychotherapist and healer Graciela Damewood, and informed by Eastern and Indigenous wisdom traditions, Integral Healing brings energy practices into the realm of Western counseling. Energy healing taps into the life force strength of our core self.  It provides the therapist with another means of following the intelligent, intuitive lead of the client.

For some clients, energy healing can gently assist the movement of blocks and emotional holding patterns.  It can bring more information to conscious awareness, and support emotional release and integration.  An energy session may provide needed rejuvenation, and enhance a client's ability to safely deepen trust.  The nurturance and regulating containment of the client-therapist relationship expresses itself here through primarily non-verbal means: through touch and the force of compassionate presence.  In the language of our physiology, this modality holds the potential for direct, empathic co-regulation for dysregulated systems.